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My story, "The Otherspace Pirate," appears in the Pirate Legends anthology from Dragon Soul Press.

In the far future, instantaneous interstellar travel is possible via "Otherspace." The rumored Otherspace Pirate appears to have stolen a fortune in gold from a spaceship during the instant between leaving one system and arriving in another. Amidst a welter of political intrigue, retired PI Ajaka Olsen is called in by the owner of the ship to solve the mystery and retrieve the gold.

Welcome to my author's website. I've come to the writing game late in life — I was 64 and retired when my first story was published — but now that I’m here I intend to keep it up full-time.

I write primarily because I’ve realized that God gave me a talent for writing; and, having given it, naturally He expects me to use it (as I have previously used other talents in the fields of civil engineering and software design).

My work is in a rather eclectic mix of genres: children’s stories, science fiction, and mysteries, with a little fantasy and supernatural/horror mixed in.


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