• Robert Wenson

Update 12

Where does the time go? Actually, I know: since the last update I’ve been concentrating on revising a mystery novel I wrote years ago. It’s coming along, but there has been a LOT of work to do (since the first version, in hindsight, is a ghastly load of tripe and the first rewrite wasn’t much better — I think I’ve learned a lot since then).

On 09/09 I sent the short story that EQMM had rejected to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. AH and EQ appear to be sister publication; I hope they don't share readers or editors. Haven’t heard back yet, which is (very small) grounds for optimism: EQ took 25 days to reject the story; AH has had it for 38 now.

I’ve been getting some nice reviews on Amazon for UTAZ and OTE and adding them to the book pages here.

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