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Update 23

I’ve been hearing back from beta readers about There Will Be Murder Done. Nobody seems to have found any major flaws so far. Still waiting on the cover for Murder at Minstrel Manor. Meanwhile, I’m rebooting Edwina 3, The Last Earl of Fenshire.

The reading from Unexpected Tales from A to Z at Barnes & Noble last Sunday went off without a hitch. They weren’t exactly storming the place, but I did get to read a couple of the stories (in each case to an audience of one, plus parents), and I did sell two books (grossing $19.14 – woo-hoo!). At any rate, my name is slowly getting out there (one of my wife's friends just bought a couple for her grandchildren). They said I could come back any time; hopefully next time I’ll have Zoe the Flying Rhinoceros as well.

Speaking of Zoe, I finished #7 and am in the middle of #8. I know what #9 will be. I have an idea for #10, and also for #13, which will conclude the series (unless I have a brilliant idea before then), so that just leaves 11 and 12.

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